Security Bookroom Door

Security Bookroom Door:

  • 12mm for Class A door and
  • 9mm for Class B door



  • Door – Overall thickness of
    • 127mm for Class A door and
    • 110mm for Class B door.

    The protective layer consists of a steel door plate of

    • 12mm for Class A door and
    • 9mm for Class B door

    Both door and frame are electrically welded to produce a structure of consistent strength. A fire resistant panel is also fitted to the back of the door, contributing to better fire resisting properties.

  • Boltwork – secured with heavy cylindrical steel bolts on the front edge of the door and additional fixed back bolts at the back edge of the door.
    • 5 bolts for Class A door and
    • 4 bolts for Class B door

    All bolts are 32mm in diameter and are Nickel Plated to promote resistance against corrosion. All bolts engage behind solid rebates integrated into the door frame when locked.

  • Locking – both doors are secured with a single 3-wheel Keyless Combination Lock and a 8-lever double bitted Key Lock as standard. Both Locks operated independently of each other.
  • Relocker – the Keyless Combination Lock for both doord are protected by a tempered glass relocker. The relocker will be activated when the lock is attacked. The relocker is designed to secured itself into a solid metal extrusion that forms part of the integrated boltwork system when triggered.The relocker is in turn protected by Chubbsafes drill resistant place.
  • Finish – the door comes standard with a painted grey primer finish.


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